He and She

Although She scarcely noticed the new boy in class
She welcomes and entertains the homeless,
Although She exclusively perches by her chummy playmates
She does so on the front pew,
Although She doesn’t acknowledge the boy starving for company
She starts an organization to feed the hungry,
Although she coddles the adored disabled, mentally and physically
She glides by the forgotten socially disabled;
He hardly sees the mockers and harassers
But not being a part of the enclosed circle of smiles is a blade that cuts so deep it leaves a scar on his heart;
He entrusts his well thought out theories to others, after struggling for bravery
but only buffoonery is appreciated;
He faithfully celebrates God, alone
but He is looked down on for not articulating prayers in front of a critical audience;
He is generally enclosed by outgoing society
But they are perpetually at least one seat away.



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